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Decal Styles

Test Tones

Roll In Tones (30hz - 50hz)
SPL Test Tones (20hz - 100hz)
Test Tone Sweeps

Decaf RAR's

The RAR's have moved! We are now hosting them on an external site to ensure the fastest possible download speeds.

To download, first click HERE. Then, simply right click the corresponding RAR you want and click download. You can also tick the checkboxes next to each RAR and download multiple at once.

About Decaf RAR's

The Decaf RARs have been reworked and consistently organized to ensure browsing and listening to your favorite songs is now easier than ever. The RARs will be uploaded as they are finished, so check back later if you notice that some RARs are missing.

NOTE: Formally known as 'Decaf zips', the new Decaf RAR's now use a .RAR extension. RAR files have better a better compression ratio than .zip which means that the file sizes are smaller -- quicker downloads for you, and less bandwidth usage on our part. .RAR require a third party program to access. A great program to use is WinRAR (Download).

Above you'll find two packs of test tones. The roll in tones include test tones from 30hz to 50hz that have a short fade in time, ideal for headunits that rolling up the volume with can be difficult. The SPL test tones pack contains your standard test tones with no fade in.